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Are you approaching retirement age and the end of your mortgage term not knowing what your options are?

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Access to exclusive later life mortgage deals not available via price comparison websites or even other brokers.

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As independent mortgage advisers we are unbiased and work for YOU not the lenders or banks.

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Mortgage criteria have relaxed around lending to older customers to some degree in recent times. Banks have realised that lending up to state retirement age just isnt realistic anymore.

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The appetite for lending to a much older age has increased considerably. There are even some lenders that offer mortgages without a maximum term however not all lenders offer this currently.

You may have considered Equity Release which can be the perfect solution for some customers.  Perhaps you are approaching your state retirement age and the end of your mortgage term not knowing what your options are. Is your current mortgage on an interest only basis and you think you cant afford to swap onto a repayment basis? Or maybe you want to release some capital from your property for home improvements for example.

It can seem like a minefield when trying to work out the best options, so a mortgage review with an expert mortgage adviser will help identify your options so you can make an important decision with clarity and confidence.

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