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We manage the whole mortgage process for you including all application paperwork and admin.

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We search the whole market, including exclusive products, to find the best deal for you.

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We liaise with all parties in your application to keep you updated and prevent delays.

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Esther Barnes (CEMAP)

Independent Mortgage Broker

Imagine a Mortgage Process Which allows You to relax knowing it’s all under control.

Our priority is that you get the best advice tailored to your specific needs from application through to completion of your mortgage.

But it doesn’t end there; we continue to help many clients in the years following their mortgage completion by ensuring they continue to benefit from the best borrowing solution. We have a wealth of experience spanning more than 18 years in the personal finance and estate agency markets so we understand what is expected when you make that all-important Offer on your ideal property.

We will liaise closely with estate agents and your solicitor to help keep the process as smooth and as stress-free as possible. You can relax knowing that it’s all under control.

As a valued client, we will give you access to exclusive deals that you won’t find direct with your bank, potentially saving you £1000’s over your mortgage term.

The mortgage Advice Process

As an independent mortgage broker, we will be your dedicated advisers all the way from providing advice that's tailored to your specific needs through to completion.
Free Consultation

This will be either a telephone conversation or a face to face meeting to build up a picture about you and what your priorities are so that we can provide you with a tailored borrowing solution

Agreement In Principle

This will be provided to you so that you are prepared and ready to make an Offer on a property

Mortgage Application

When you have your offer accepted on a property or you are looking to remortgage your current property. An additional appointment may be required in person or via telephone.

Protection Review

This will form part of your overall budget so you are covered in case the worst should happen.

We now don't consider using anyone else, because the service and products are faultless.
Tom Hartley

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How to Book Your Free Mortgage Appointment

As an independent mortgage broker, we can offer free consultations at our Woodseats office in Sheffield or an adviser can visit you at home. Arrange your appointment using the booking form below or contact us in any of the following ways.

861 Chesterfield Road,
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0114 303 4007

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Mortgage Advice FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

The amount you can borrow is dependent on a few factors but the main one is affordability which can vary between lenders. The lender will need to know your income which you will need to prove in the form of payslips or self-employed accounts. Most lenders will also include state benefits as income such as child benefit, working tax credits and child tax credits which can help with affordability. If you have any existing commitments such as debts like credit cards or loans for example these will need to be taken into account along with how many dependents you have.

Just because you have an impaired credit history doesn’t mean you cant get a mortgage. Ultimately it depends on what type of impaired credit you have, how long ago it was registered and whether or not its still outstanding. Some lenders are more lenient than others and will be more relaxed but generally you may only be able to approach specialist lenders rather than the high street ones meaning your interest rate may be slightly higher or they may reduce the level of borrowing. You will need to provide the adviser with a copy of your most up to date credit history report such as Experian in order to provide you with the most accurate advice.
So that I can determine your budget and affordability, I will need to see your latest 3 months payslips plus your latest P60. Also I will need the details of any debts you have which may or may not include credit cards, loans, hire purchase agreements and existing mortgages including buy to lets. Also its useful to bring along your latest 3 months bank statements so that we can accurately determine your maximum monthly budget. You’ll also need to bring proof of your name and current address such as the latest council tax bill or utility bill. This is just the basic information and the lender may require additional information later down the line.

This depends on the complexity of your situation, for example someone with impaired credit may take longer to obtain a mortgage agreement. It also depends on the lenders service standards and turnaround times. On average it can take around 2 weeks from application submission to receiving an offer.

Firstly you will have an initial chat with your broker to see if they can help. If they can, you will need to arrange a face to face appointment at a convenient time which will enable the adviser to provide you with tailored advice to suit your circumstances. Once you provide all the necessary documents and the adviser has identified a mortgage product for you, the adviser will the n be able to provide you with your Agreement in principle certificate. This is usually valid for 3 months with most lenders and is a tool to help provide evidence that you can proceed when offering against properties on the market.

  • Access to the best deals and rates from across the market
  • Unbiased independent mortgage advice
  • Top rated in client reviews
  • Convenient location in Woodseats, south Sheffield

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